Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 113 - oops almost forgot!!

Too busy painting on this full sheet watercolor!!!

Looking Glass Falls Creek

Detail. I like the trees. All the nuances of shadings.

The rocks. I love the rocks. But I don't like how neat the leaves in the crevices are. Leaves aren't than neat.

These trees look great but I put the highlight on the wrong side. DUH!!

A lot to do but it's coming along.


Marilyn in Ontario, Canada said...

I am so glad that you continued on posting your paintings. I enjoy looking everyday and watching the steps you take to improve them.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

Thanks Marilyn!! Sorry I didnt answer sooner...been out of town for TWO months and forgot to take my access to comments on my cell phone!! Amazingly posted day 193 or was it 194 yesterday?!!