Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 112 - My Scarborough Boy

My Scarborough Boy

I got him out to show my parents and thought not so bad. Not finished so more opportunities to mess up!! The face is not done. The shadows are one example. Too dark!!

Here's a closeup of the face I painted. 
Off to a good start. Even Charles Reid thought so.

I think the hand I painted looks super!!

Charles Reid 's Scarborough Boy

I have a long way to go...practice practice practice!!


Maryann said...

Really nice job! I hope to take workshops with Fealing Lin and Alvaro Castagnet this winter in Sarasota. Just love to watch the great ones paint!! I have to save up!

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

OMGosh...u are in Sarasota? I wanted to take Charles Reids class there at Ringling in March but never quite got it together to do it looks like we will be taking a class with Fealing at Cheap Joes in May which will be fun. LOVE Alvaredo..what a showman...have you seen the youtube video with him and two other Aussie WC guys painting a huge street scene together?!

Sorry I didnt answer sooner...been out of town for TWO months and forgot to take my access to comments on my cell phone!! Amazingly posted day 193 or was it 194 yesterday?!!