Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 117 - Dr Sketchys Part 2

All of these are in my moleskine sketch book.

Just sitting on a trunk!

Dr. Sketchy's lasts about three and a half hours...lots of fun and laffter..its really like a drawing party, music, drinking and drawing!!  Jason was actually doing something normal in this pose.  Just sitting on a trunk!  I think this was a twenty minute pose!  Used my lamy pen to draw him and filled it in with the pentel brush pens...the permanent black one and the waterbased set.  I REALLY like those.  I did as Melanie Reim suggested getting the main gestures of the body down first before filling in details.    I think this is my favorite of the sketches.  I have a few pencil sketches from the two minute poses that I really dont like at all.  I used my Prismacolor art stixs to fill in the flesh colors.

Back Wings

One of the contests was to draw the tattoed wings that were on Arsin's back with our NONdominant hand in five mintues.  I drew mine in Ink...appropriate dont you think - with my left hand.  Also wrote the word wings with my nondominant aka left hand.  Kind of like the squiggy way the writing looks.  I try to make it too pretty with my right hand.  But lettering is one of the favorite things I do with my pentel brush pen.  BYTW I DIDNT get a bit of ink on my left hand...a major accomplishment.  I drew the whole thing with my hand off the page.  Background filled in with my Prismacolor Art Stixs.

Bed of Nails - Ouch!!!

I guess Arsin aka Jason was tired because he laid down on a bed of HUGE LONG NAILS!! Really he did!! And then he went to sleep.  This was a twenty minute pose...and he went to sleep on those nails!! 

I had the legs a little to short and I lengthened them.   Colors are all with my Prismacolor Art Stixs which are fun for filling in large areas of color because you can't get too picky with the details.  I really am enjoying using the lamy pen.  I drew him first with the lamy.  Then I filled in with the pentel pens.  Words are done with the permanent black pentel pen. Greys and browns are my pentel waterbased pens. 

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