Monday, November 03, 2014

Day 120 - Is This the Third of a Year? Dog Doodling

Somehow I think it must be tomorrow.  Still in Atlanta busy with my son of the terribly horribly broken arm.  Perhaps I will draw him with his arm brace tomorrow.  Never break your right hand!! Hard to drive, write or even get dressed when you have on a halo brace instead of a cast!!

We have been binge watching The Walking Dead today and I binge drew his two pit bulls Livia and Bear.  Livia is a dainty small pit while Bear is twice her size with a HUGE head!  

Double page Dogs and a Foot!!

All but one dog are really just doodles.  The page started with a foot from Dr. Sketchys...I cut the guys foot off so I drew it on another page.  Then I started sketching the dogs around it in ink with my lamy pen and a Kurataki marker.  

a big bully pit pull that just drools and dreams of food!!

I think her body is a little short but she was curled up in a chair.  She has a very sweet face that I did not do justice too...coloring is with my prismacolor art stixs.

Livia again

A quick small sketch of her head.  All done in my moleskine sketch book.

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