Tuesday, December 09, 2014

158 - Breakfast at the Flying Biscuit

My son was hungry after what was hopefully his last surgery on his hand. We stopped by the Flying Biscuit.

I drew three journal pages from there with my Lamy Vista fine loaded with Noodlers Bulletproof ink and my beloved Pentel brush pen. I need to color them but I have to quit playing nuss and sketching long enough to get these and the zoo pics colored.

The Flying Biscuit is famous for its very tall fluffy biscuits, creamy dreamy grits and also for its breakfasts and very funky interior. Purple is the favorite color, bright oil cloth tableclothes and fiestaware dishes.

People come, sit and read. They visit with friends against a wild backdrop celestial mural and numerous best awards covering the mural.

The windows are stenciled with stars and moons and draped with twinkling purple lights. Oh. The ceiling is covered with clouds and sky. A truly celestial experience.

Thanks for looking!!!

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