Wednesday, December 10, 2014

159 - Getting them painted!!

One more day til 160!!

The Flying Biscuit restaurant. The mural on the walls is this wild. Red or green oilcloth tablecloths purple napkins and fiesta type ware add to the ambience.

I used the few watercolor pencils I have to color them. I have a complete set of Faber Castel at home. Here I only have 24 or so Derwents and a few inktense and 3 Faber Castel. The paper in my Beta Stillman and Birn is doing well with them. My biggest issue is that some of the colors seem to be whitish which I don't like. Maybe my Daniel Smiths have me spoiled?

Here's the patient right after surgery hungry and tired. Hope the lights look like they have a purple glow?

I think the last two need my gold paint which is at home. Darn it. Or my gold gel pen or my zig twinkle brush. It will have to wait. This also could have used my caran d'arches crayons. Oh well.

Thanks for looking!!

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