Thursday, December 11, 2014

160- Ann's Snack Bar

Unbelievable it's day 160. Christmas in two weeks!! Not a tree or garland hung but presents are bought and wrapped!! 👍

Been wanting to go to Ann's Snack Bar on Memorial ever since I read about how great their burgers were in Creative Loafing and I was not disappointed. Huge double chili cheese burgers that melt in your mouth with perfect fries. No salt for those watching their salt in take. Be prepared for a slightly old battered tiny luncheonette with only 8 stools.

Done in my Stillman and Birn beta w a medium nib Lamy, a Pentel brush pen, Derwent and Faber Castel watercolor pencils.

This is my take on the sign in the store with my embellishments. Terra cotta derwent Wc pencil was perfect for the roll w burnt umber touches. Burger is burnt umber w indigo and black. Fries are yellow orange and magenta for shadows.

I copied their bumper sticker slogans and added them to it. Like it needed any additions. If I were doing it again I would edit a little. Oh well. I am not. Still have 23 zoo pics to color. Oh my!!

Funny that the top right corner imitated the top left corner in shape. And NO I did not plan it.

8 Stools - 8 rules. These are the rules as posted with one of the famous 8 red stools.

Hope you get a seat because the wait is long though it's worth it. We waited an hour. They have u sit when seats become available.

Anyway try it. You won't be disappointed. Yummmmm.

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