Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Day 187 - Bits and Bobs

This is a sketch of the view from the worst ever Cuban restaurant in Key West. Lucky for them I can't remember the name. Had great ambience but the service was terrible, the conch fritters were hockey pucks and the margaritas watery. It did have a great view of the back of the theater where a large banyan had engulfed a wall.  And of course there were chickens and the favored mode of transportation the bike!!

Colors. Lovely gray is piemonite and Zoitite. Greens lots of Aurelian and cerulean base. With green apatite   

One of the restaurant customers. I painted her in just a few minutes. The hair is Quin Sienna and ultramarine blue.  Not sure what green the shirt is. Maybe Virginian w more ultramarine blue. Skin cad light w aureolin yellow and cerulean shadows.   Maybe those classes with Charles Reid are clicking in?! One can hope. Thanks for looking. 

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