Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Day 186 - Getting things done

Have lots of Key West drawings to get finished. 

Here's the double page spread in my Key West Moleskine WC journal done with my Noodler Creaper and watercolor pencil. It represents things we did or saw in Key West. 

Close up.  Can you find the famous cat? Has his eye on a chicken. They help keep the federally protected chickens under control. 

Eat at Blue Heaven for deliciousness. Best eggs Benedict ever topped with pink Shrimp. Yummm. The chickens enjoyed bits of our English muffins. 

The Conch Train. Did we ride it 
? No but if fit better than the Trolley which we did ride. 

The floats are ripped from the walls of BO's Fish Wagon. Another delicious spot. 

The trees and flora were exotic. Pothos also called philodendron grew outside w leaves a foot apart. Norfolk pines 100 feet tall.

Chickens everywhere!!  Endless assortments of palms. 

The iconic lighthouse with the required drink. More floats for cherries or olives. Gotta have a conch now endangered on the island. Another chicken!!

There are three modes of personal transportation on the island walking , a bike or a scooter. This guy on his snazzy red scooter caught my eye at a light on Duval. Oh iguanas. A scourge devouring anything and everything but it fit the space!! 

Thanks for looking!!

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