Sunday, May 30, 2010

Joggles class starts Tuesday!!!

River Bend Lady class starts Tuesday on You can sign up here!

One of the techniques you will learn:

Scroll down to see more gorgeous hand painted fabric!

Here is a class description!

You will be proud to hang your version of River Bend Lady on your wall and step back to hear the ohs and ahs of all your friends!

If you have ever longed to make a beautiful landscape or one of those lovely lady fiberart pieces that are raved about at international quilt shows and juried art shows this piece combines it all.

In this four week class project, River Bend Lady (measures approximately 15" x 45"), you will be walked through the process starting with designing your work of art to drawing your figure and dyeing and painting the fabric for it. Last but not least you will be putting it all together for a fabulous one of a kind piece of fiber art with as much stitching and beading as you desire.

I will take you step by step through the process from designing your own unique fiberart (there will be a pattern too for fall back!) to its completion. Here is a brief description of what you will be working on each week.

Lesson 1 will cover the design process including design sources, inspiration, and consideration of such design elements as color, basic design. We will also begin our fabric preparation.

Lesson 2 will cover the creation of various fabrics used in your own River Bend Lady. You will paint cheese cloth. You will create water fabric using a simple Shibori technique. You will learn an easy method to dye silk velvet for her skirt and silk for her hair.

Lesson 3 will cover drawing the lady with markers and colored pencils and we will begin to sew our Lady landscape background together using hand stitching.

Lesson 4 will culminate our project with the learning to ruche and bead our fabrics for the hair and clothing. Finally we will discuss possible finishing techniques for our ladies!

Skill level - Beginner to advanced sewing skills. This project can be as simple as you want and completely fused or as involved as you want to make it sewing by hand.

Now just to tease's a small preview of what you will learn to do.....

Fabric painting!

Fake Arashi Shibori...quick easy and NO mess!

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ruthanne said...

Hi Maggie, I have signed up for your class and ready to start. I have a picture of my mother at 16 and hope to get some input from that.
Your paint samples are so interesting and I have done some dyeing and want to get better texture or interesting patterns. I also have lots of cheese cloth to play with.