Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 108 - Charles Reid Day 3

The blogathon continues...only 108 consecutive days of posting now!!

Today we were allowed to chose from sets of old black and white photos with which  to do value studies. We used a range of 1-6.  1 is white, the lightest white, and 6 is black the darkest dark.   One of the photo was of John Singer Sargent, the master of watercolor.  I had NOT wanted to do it again because I made a hash out of it last March at Spruill the last day of class.  Today I paid rapt attention. Took copious notes and this is what I did!!

I am quite pleased with the way he turned out. I used lots of color but not too much.  Got some color mingling going on...I think it has a nice glow. I actually did things like put on color and pulled it out with a wet brush so it was not so heavy.  Should have done that on the flowers yesterday. 1/2 sheet Fabriano cold press. cad red light, cad yw light, raw sienna and ultramarine in face shadows with a touch of carmine under the nose. Other colors...yellow ochre, viridian and chrome oxide in the grass with raw sienna, cobalt and ultramarine blue touches.  Clothing - raw sienna, cobalt, burnt sienna.  I know there are more but I left my notebook back at the classroom...sorry.  

The sky is my favorite easiest sky ever...I slung a watery cerulean across the sky.   I rolled the brush into it...presto chango ...instant clouds!! 

Lots of dripping and splattering and dripping to get to this point.  

This is the one I painted in March when I took his class at Spruill Center in Atlanta.  NOT so bad as I remembered but not as good as the one I did today I think!  I think I actually used a Mr. Clean Eraser to wipe out the too dark darks and repainted alot of Mr. Singer himself.  The background is the original one.

Charles Reid's demo from today! He is so fabulous to watch paint.  He twitches the brush here, twitches it there and magically a person or flower appears...its nothing short of amazing.  I tried to buy his magic paint brush but its not for sale...maybe I will get there in 57 more years of practice.  He has been painting since he was 14..he's now 78...this is what 64 years of painting will get you!

Just wanted to add that Charles Reid is a terrific teacher.  He and his wife Judy are just the nicest down to earth people.  He may paint with the stars but he's a real person. They both try to do anything they can to facilitate the class!  Thanks Charles and Judy Reid!!

Thanks for looking!!


Marty Yokawonis said...

Love Charles and Judy. I loved taking workshops with him at Ringling in Sarasota.

KAM said...

Maggie I just love what you are painting and sharing...this one is a personal favorite, so far.

Katherine Thomas said...

How cool, to compare the different versions of this same reference photo! I love them all! It's really unique and refreshing, the way you use color and highlights so effectively.