Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 109 - Charles Reid Day 4

One more day of party. Will be sad when it's over. Love the class,
love the teacher Charles Reid and his wife Judy, love Boone, love cheapjoes, and the people in my class.

My painting today was based on this picture of this odd couple.  We call it the Wedding Couple but who knows?? I was supposed to do a value study.

Here's the sketch!!

I got a little carried away with the flowers in the background..duh what was I thinking...I must have been channeling Matisse?? The figures went fairly well.  That's where I started.  The umbrella turned out great...I wanted a flowery background...I just got TOO carried away.  I think it needs a good crop.

What do you think?!

This is Charles Reid's painting from today.  I had painted the boat today and am painting the little boy to draw it as soon as I post my blog.  So instead I painted the couple.  TWO faces instead of one...hmm what was I thinking?!!  DUH again!!

Anyway thanks for looking!!

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Katherine Thomas said...

This sounds like such a fun class! I like the photos that you were given to work with very much! Your painting is wonderful, too, and certainly shows nice depth and values. But I love the palette you chose, and how you portrayed this couple, too!