Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 110 -Charles Reid Day 5

All I can say is take a class from Charles Reid. You won't be disappointed. Judy keeps the class running like clockwork and lightens the day with her entertaining stories.

Charles and Judy Reid

Charles' work is nothing short of mesmerizing. I could watch him paint endlessly. Usually my limit is half an hour before I am ready to go paint. Not so with Mr Reid the Master painter. Wasn't bored at all after five mornings of watching him paint. In fact I was mesmerized. Truly!!

They are worth every penny we pay them. They do not disappoint. The Dynamic Duo of watercolor!!

Scarborough Boy

I didn't have time to finish mine today so I will just post my favorite painting of the week by Mr Reid today. I just LOVE this painting. He was painted in an hour and a half. Unbelievable but true!!

I call this young British boy Scarborough Boy who's photo was taken around 1900. He later had 4-5 children. Sadly he died in WW1.

Detail of Scarborough Boy

Detail 2 - Scarborough Boy

Detail 3 - Scarborough Boy

Sorry formatting is off today. At my parents using my iPhone because they have no wifi.

Thanks for looking!

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